Reasoning Behind It All


Howdy Franklin Fans!! We just wanted to give a behind the scene’s look at the nuts-n-bolts for social media check-ins, shirt purchases, etc. We know there are a lot of questions out there and we are trying to answer them as quick as we can, but this should help give everyone a little more insite about WHY. Also, finer details (map, business hours, shuttle pick-ups, etc) about the crawl will be posted later this week

Each aspect of this crawl has very important reasons behind it all. The main objective is to, of course, bring the fun and pride back to Franklin Street and second (which is just as important as the first) improve and encourage small business growth, as well as, restore and beautify this sacred street.

You can purchase shirts before the event for $10. The shirt comes with a wristband (which covers your unlimited amount of shuttle rides). The money for the shirts will be put back into Franklin Street Events Association nonprofit account to 1) pay for funding, advertising, and materials for this event. Unfortunately, putting on events, even local, aren’t free and 2) pay for future planned events (all which can be found on our Facebook page under the events tab). We’re hoping that in the future we’ll eventually be making enough revenue to give back to local charities esp those found on Franklin Street.

The social media campaign is for two reasons 1) you’re blasting out local businesses that your “friends, followers, fans” may not have known about which essentially means you’re helping businesses advertise free of charge. 2) indiana and our cities pays close attention to which streets and businesses receive the most mobile interaction. Crazy, right? Well, areas that have high traffic volumes (intermediate especially) are more eligible and viewed more seriously for grants from the state. We would love to be able to apply for as many grants as possible for Franklin Street because as stated in the article, we do not receive hardly any funding as of right now.

As for the beads, it’s just extra incentive and insurance that you and the businesses are getting something out of the event. There have been some really great prizes that many Franklin Street businesses have donated for those who have earned their beads. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for believing and participating in this event.

So that’s the basics. It’s all very simple and with structured reasoning. If you have a better idea, let us know. We’re here to listen. Our hearts are with you and the rest of the locals.

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